Glenthorne Capital's Industry Expertise

Specialty Chemicals

Glenthorne Capital has broad experience in the field of specialty chemicals in North and South America and Europe. We also have successfully completed projects in related fields including adhesives, sealants, coatings, printing inks and building materials. Glenthorne Capitalís merchant banking services have provided transitional management teams for specialty chemical and related management buyouts and corporate divestitures.

Life Sciences and Medical Technology

Glenthorne Capitalís people have been involved with fundraising and venture initiation projects in the areas of animal and human health and medical technology. Glenthorne Capitalís staff includes medical and biotechnology clinical and venture expertise which is crucial to the success of complex financial advisory and fund raising projects in the life sciences areas.

Composites and Specialty Materials

Glenthorne Capital's experience with Composites and Speciality Materials dates to the early 70's when Aramid fiber and non-metalic engineering materials first started to replace metal and fiberglass products. Our industry experience in the aerospace sector ,among others. is helpful in assesing opportunities for these materials in the demanding applications that require their unique properties.

Packaging and Manufacturing

Glenthorne Capital has been involved in transactions in the packaging industry including rigid vinyl packaging, folding cartons and specialty materials. Glenthorne Capitalís people have provided advisory services for a diverse range of manufacturing related projects including aerospace products, valves and process controls, turbine components and industrial equipment.

Financial Products and Services

Glenthorne Capital has assisted in the development of acquisition growth strategies for companies in the financial services and insurance sectors. Glenthorne Capitalís acquisition research techniques and negotiating assistance has proven crucial to the successful completion of corporate growth strategies.